provides Applications Modules, Credential Oracle Engine, and Credential API

for builders to leverage credential data to build better products and communities

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Galxe Ecosystem

How We Empower Our Partners

Application Modules

  • OAT

    Galxe OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) is a creative solution to distribute NFT badges to communities as a record of participation.
    • Galxe OATs are used for validation when a user performs an action or participates in a specific event.
    • Galxe OATs are a lightweight NFT standard created by Galxe that enables users to mint in a gasless fashion.
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  • Galxe NFT

    Leverage credentials with gamifed NFT campaigns to better reward and engage your users.
    • NFT Drop: Single drop NFTs.
    • Mystery Box: Campaign based on probability or a capped pool of NFTs.
    • Dynamic Loyalty Points: Distribute credential-based NFT loyalty cards with on-chain loyalty points.
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  • Galxe Vote

    Leverage credentials and credential-based NFTs on Snapshot to build customized governance systems.
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  • Galxe ID

    Galxe ID is your Web3 profile that showcases your credentials, OATs, and NFTs. Check out your Web3 achievement, contributions, and participations by visiting My Galxe ID.
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Credential API

Developers can utilize the Credential API for

  • Build your on-chain resume
  • Build Guilds
  • Voting Infrastructure
  • Allowlist Users in INO or IDO
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Credential Oracle

Developers can query credential data from smart contracts using the Credential Oracle Engine

  • Credit Scoring
  • Sybil Attack Prevention Algorithms
  • Mining Boost
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